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Have you ever written a book and wondered how you might get it reviewed? Have you asked your family or friends to purchase the book and submit a review for you only to have the review denied as it is not inline with Amazons book review policy.

Do you think it is fair that some authors have amassed thousands of followers on twitter and many of these followers submit reviews without ever having read the book?

Because you have no way of knowing who has purchased your book you are at the total disgression of the buyer to submit a review.

We at Amazon Book Reviewers seek to remedy this situation. We have amassed close to a thousand reviewers who specialise in many different genres.

If you are interested in obtaining a review for your book, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours with details on what you will need to supply us with.


Some book Genres we Review

Adult Fiction


Software Development

Thrillers and Suspense